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When the words “Kiss band” come to mind, most people will think of the glam rock trio of KISS. While the band has achieved mainstream popularity with its three decades of music, they also have had a long career with a lot of questionable decisions along the way. Back in 1980, the band chose to replace original singer Gene Simmons with Eric Carr. Shortly after, Carr was arrested for raping a young girl. This wasn’t the end of the singer’s time with the band. He was later found guilty of charges of child abuse. While the band would never make the same mistakes twice, Carr wasn’t the only member who went through controversy. The KISS violinist, Peter Criss, was later accused of sexually molesting at least two members of the band. He has also admitted to using drugs, alcohol and prostitution. One of his accusers said that while she and Criss were driving, he told her that his penis was like a “magic stick” that was “attached to my body.” Luckily for Criss, the band has a history of choosing sex symbol women as their replacements. The four women who have replaced Criss are: Patricia Lee Kelly, Micky Dolenz and Ace Frehley. While the band has had its share of controversy, it has also been successful. Not only have they sold billions of records, but they are also one of the most important bands in history. They have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 14 times. Following Criss’ tenure in the band, the next four women to join the band were Kimberly Fitch, Michelle Bond, Heidi Bohay and Victoria Summers. Each of these women had their unique personalities and personalities. Kimberly Fitch was hired because of her vocal abilities. She can replicate the vocal work of the original members. She also sang back up vocals for the band. Kimberly has also been the band’s spokesperson since 1982. One of the strangest decisions the band made was in 2009. They decided to hire a Chinese woman. The Chinese woman then quit halfway through the tour. Micky Dolenz was the most controversial member of the band. He has admitted to selling drugs and even said that he once hired a prostitute. He has also been involved in a relationship with a woman who was 18 years his junior. While this sounds like a Disney




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