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The GX7 debuts in Colombia

On May 12 and 13 more than 1,000 people - who are part of the visual health sector of Colombia - met in the International Center of Business and Exhibitions Corferias in the city of Bogota, with the aim of preparing in sales topics , Customer service, marketing and leadership, among others, with the aim of improving their attention to consumers who visit visual health establishments. The GX7 was present, in the hands of its Distributor for Colombia, Laboratory Vision Lab, in this important event organized by the Franja Group.

The GX7 has been designed with the purpose of satisfying the greatest number of users and reaches the market with the promise of offering the best benefits in Perfect Balance, so that its design, material, thickness, weight, color, Sagittal value, are combined according to their RX (graduation) so that the user can have what everyone wants to put the lenses on the face: visual quality, aesthetics, comfort and protection within reach of your investment.

"The lenses have evolved to such an extent that they no longer serve only to see, but adapt to the specific conditions of each individual: we have lenses for children, diversity of anti-reflection treatments, materials, thicknesses and a number of features that Have returned to the ophthalmic lens in a technological and fashionable product, where the visual health professional must be up to date and able to handle all these concepts and transmit them to the user in a simple, profit-focused way ... for this reason this type Of events are very enriching for visual health professionals, "said Javier Padrón, General Director of Hi Vision Optical for Latin America.

Many thanks to those who accompanied us on our way through Franja 2016.


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